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One man’s fate to change the industry he loves.

There had to be a better way to approach commercial landscaping. That was the belief of Visual Edge owner and founder, Andrew Jenkins, who has managed commercial landscape projects on a national scale and around the greater Washington D.C. Metropolitan area for the last 20 years. He’s worked with some of the country’s biggest firms, but was always dissatisfied with the approach. Dissatisfied with their customer service. Unhappy with the end product.

In 2013 he founded Visual Edge to fix what he saw as broken within his industry. Rather than set up impersonal account systems with multiple hands and no true ownership, he cut out the middlemen and works with each client directly. Each client project is under his experienced eye and clients know they can reach him on his cell phone at almost any time.

The Visual Edge advantage doesn’t stop with owner contact. Using his big company connections to Visual Edge’s advantage, Andrew negotiated best prices while maintaining the flexibility to work with local suppliers. He saw that renting equipment was a constant source of time and headache, particularly during snow season, so he made sure Visual Edge owns its own equipment. He wanted a dependable team that truly cares about the company’s clients and sought out only the best, most experienced people. The result was a landscape company different from any others.

The result was Visual Edge Landscaping & Land Management.